Celebrating the success of SRIP 2023

The assembly operated as a dynamic platform, allowing for the linking of communities across various sectors and facilitating direct connections. This collaboration of ideas and shared experiences not only nurtured a sense of unity but also laid the foundation for robust collaborations among stakeholders and rural leaders.

With discussions spanning 20 diverse themes including poverty, food systems, digital connectivity, skills & enterprise, water & wastewater, climate, population renewal, culture, transport, democracy, and more, the event delved into the multifaceted challenges facing rural and island communities.

The event successfully gathered crucial information on the commendable efforts communities undertake with minimal support, the policy, regulatory, and fiscal changes needed for progress, and the structural transformations required for sustained development.

The Scottish Rural & Islands Parliament 2023 fostered a sense of collective responsibility, empowerment, solidarity, and optimism. Participants left with a renewed commitment to effect positive change in their communities.

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