Free online Business Training for island entrepreneurs!

Blue Social Growth: free business online training for entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs on Scottish islands

You have an enterprising  idea?  You live on an island ? You have come to live in Scotland from another country? 

The EU funded ERASMUS + Blue Social Growth programme can help  turn your ideas into a viable business!

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The programme  is available for free on line through the teachable platform in several languages,  English , Spanish, Farsi and Arabic.

This is because it is brings together participants from 4 countries: Scotland, Greece, Italy and Spain,  where the Blue Economy can provide new opportunities for enterprise, especially for people who have come from another country.
Its modular set-up allows you to choose what you want to work on, start where you need,  and progress  with exercises, videos  and bite-size learning to make your dream a reality with a comprehensive business plan you can talk through with  any funder.
  • All you need is access to a computer or a smart phone
  • It takes an average of 6 months to complete at your own pace
  • There is a downloadable pdf manual that can be used for reference along side the modules
  • Mentoring help from the course’ s authors is available to accompany you through your learning journey
  • You get an end of course certificate

The modules

  • Module 1 : Blue Social Growth opportunities
      • 1. The Blue Economy
      • 2. Blue Growth
      • 3. Blue Social Growth
      • 4. Explore Blue Social Growth potential where you are
      • Quiz: test your knowledge and understanding
  • Module 2 : Start your Blue Social Growth Enterprise
      • Part 1. Your business ideas
      • Part 2: The Business Plan
      • Part 3: Marketing
      • Part 4: Business finance
      • Quiz: test your knowledge and understanding
  • Module 3: Social innovation and collaborative leadership
      • Part 1. Social Innovation and the Social Entrepreneur
      • Part 2. Together you can go further – mobilising for change
      • Part 3. The Social Enterprise of the future: relational and engaging
      • Quiz: test your understanding and knowledge
  • Module 4: Partnering with style
      •  Part 1: Networking
      •  Part 2: Online cooperation
      •  Part 3: Partnerships
      •  Part 4: Storytelling: engaging with partners and client
      •  Conclusion: the Business Model Canvas
      • Quiz: test your understanding
NB: The course and  especially the manual  is also aimed to help  enterprise  and social enterprise trainers, particularly in a migrant or refugee set-up.

See the courses here:

How to get on the course:

Please fill this online form first,  to enable mentoring support if requested and  issue your end of course certificate, then click here to enrol.


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