The Green Match Fund

The Highlands & Islands Environment Foundation (HIEF) is taking part in the Green Match donation campaign going on right now.

Our challenge is to raise £10,000 in donations before noon on Thursday 27th April (ie only 2½ days away) to release £10,000 in matched funds which would give us a fantastic £20,000 to support more community-led environmental projects throughout the highlands & islands.

To help HIEF to reach their target will help fund the many excellent applications from exciting community-led projects they receive. The more projects HIEF can support, the greater the local support will be for solutions which have the potential to achieve systemic change for greater long-term, sustained impact.

So, please help us reach that magic target by doing any/all of the following:

  1. Donate to support us & encourage anyone else who can to donate here – literally every penny will make a difference & donations will be doubled £ for £ until we reach our target.
  2. Like/share/forward/retweet our social media posts (twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Linkedin) as widely as possible to help build awareness for the campaign

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