Towards low carbon islands

Scottish islands are leading the way in achieving the Scottish government 20/20 targets in lowering carbon emissions.

Towards Low Carbon islands

The Scottish Islands’ carbon footprint is already lower than the UK average. The high emissions associated with ferry use for islanders are more than offset by lower than UK average levels of consumption of food and services although tourism adds 10% to the overall footprint.

Baseline carbon emission

  • Average mainland UK community of 1000 people: 10.62 tonnes of CO2 per annum
  • Average Scottish island community of 1000 people: 9.50 tonnes of CO2 per annum

What are island carbon emissions made out of? 

Direct emissions associated with electricity use, space and water heating, food and vehicle use: 45%
Indirect emissions associated with goods and services: 55%

How to become a carbon neutral island: islands going green!

Success in creating a carbon neutral island can be achieved where there is a successful marriage of community and technology and a real desire to implement change at both an individual and community level.

Discover what islands such as Eigg, Gigha, Bute or Fetlar have already achieved at our Islands going green post.

Where to get help and support?

There are a variety of organisations in Scotland working closely together, dedicated to providing help and support to community groups who are looking to create a positive change.

  • Looking to achieve a long-term income for your community using renewables?   Local Energy Scotland has a network of regional development officers who can offer free impartial advice and support to communities on engaging with renewable energy. There is a range of loan and grant support available under CARES.  Call Local Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2288.
  • Do you need advice on how to make a community building more resource efficient? Resource Efficient Scotland can help. Resource Efficient Scotland is a Scottish Government funding programme, which is delivered by Zero Waste Scotland. It was established to help community groups save money and carbon by using energy, water and material resources more efficiently.Call Resource Efficient Scotland on 0808 808 2268.
  • Are you looking to tackle climate change in your community?The Climate Challenge Fund (CCF), managed by Keep Scotland Beautiful,  provides funding for community groups to tackle climate change. It has £10.3 million per year, until March 2016, to support community-led projects that will reduce carbon emissions and make community improvements, such as Installation of energy efficient measures in community owned buildings, Advice and support on energy efficiency,Provision of lower carbon travel alternatives, Community growing schemes,
    Schemes to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Call Keep Scotland Beautiful on 0800 111 4461.
  • Are members of your community looking for advice on energy saving in their homes and funding available to them? Home Energy Scotland can help. Home Energy Scotland is a Scottish Government programme managed by Energy Saving Trust.   Advice is offered on energy saving, renewable energy, sustainable transport, and waste prevention.Home Energy Scotland works in partnership with community organisations to support householders in accessing advice services. Your local advice centre can provide leaflets, an advice stand, workshops, fuel efficient driver training, training for staff and volunteers, briefings, support for funding applications, and much more. Call Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282.

More details on the Energy Savings Trust’s  support page.