SIF showcased at Switch to Renewables Conference in Somerset.

SWITCH TO RENEWABLES: an inspirational seminar in Somerset

Planning, Policy and Finance to enable carbon reduction - Local Regional and European Perspectives Seminar.
SIF chair in the centre with speakers from Frome, Murrhardt and Chateau Gonthier.

On 4 and 5 March, Frome town council in Somerset organised an innovative and inspirational seminar on how to switch to a low carbon economy.

SIF Chair Camille Dressler presented the case of Eigg’s green grid and Mull and Iona’s sustainable transport initiative as inspirational Scottish Islands examples.

Other Case studies were from Frome, Germany, France and Poland, where Frome town council has twinning partners.

Prof Keith Barnham (Solar Revolution), presented a fascinating comparison of what has happened in Germany in terms of exponential renewable development and what could have happened to the UK if the Feed in Tariff and other encouraging measures had not been cut.

To see his presentation and others, click here.

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