The Scottish Islands Federation: A voice for the Scottish Islands

Islands have their own unique issues regarding all aspects of life which are not always widely understood, although their geographical constraints are acknowledged by Article 174 of the Lisbon Treaty. Because of these  constraints, islands often come up with innovative solutions and public initiatives to ensure that their communities remain vibrant and strong.

Islands also act as the guardians of their natural and cultural environment, not for themselves, but to preserve the common heritage of their country as well as Europe. It is all the more important that they can develop in a way that allows their population to remain stable, so that islanders can continue to live and work where they belong.

In many respects, islands are especially suited to the demonstration of sustainable and integrated solutions, especially regarding waste, the environment, energy, transport, baseline services and cultural products.

The Scottish Islands Federation was set up in 2007 to assist island organisations to express their points of views, share their experiences and stories and make better representations at local, regional, national and European level on all issues affecting the sustainability of Scottish islands.