ESIN, the European Small Islands Federation

The Scottish Islands Federation is a member of ESIN,  the European Small Islands Federation.

Members countries are Aaland, Denmark, Croatia, Estonia, Finland,   France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Sweden.

Scotland has held the ESIN chairmanship since 2016.

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ESIN AGM 2018, held in Brussels, Belgium

ESIN AGM 2017, held in Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland

2017 European Small Islands Annual Gathering, Orkney

ESIN AGM 2016, held in Brussels, Belgium

ESIN AGM 2015, held in Kastellorizo, Greece

ESIN  AGM 2014, held in Sant’ Antioco, Sardinia


ESIN AGM 2013, held in Marienhamm, Aaland 

ESIN AGM 2012, held in the isle of Mull, Scotland  

ESIN AGM 2011, held in the island of Yeu, France 

ESIN AGM 2010, held in the island of Samso, Denmark