Here are the projects we are currently involved with:

  • Islands Going Green: we are compiling information on Scottish Islands which are working towards lowering their carbon footprint.
  • Electric vehicles for islands: there are many different types of EVs about, but which ones are more suitable for island life? We have put in a funding application to the SSE Sustainable Communities fund ( Highland) to take what has been done on Mull to the islands of Skye and Raasay.
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation on islands:this is what we want to research together with our fellow ESIN members. Together with the French Association of the isles du Ponant (AIP) as the lead partner, and with Aaland, Sweden, Greece and Ireland, we are working on an application to INTERREG EUROPE  to fund this cooperation project.

Here are the projects we are hoping to get started:

  • Island Sustainability indicators: following a presentation on this subject by Neil Lodwick of the University of Wales at the ESIN AGM 2014,  we are keen to explore what this would mean for the Scottish islands.
  • Project EUSIRO: we are discussing the possibility of getting involved in a european island waste project. Plastic waste is a major issues for islands and we would really like to do a cooperation project with islands in the North Sea in particular.
Here are the projects we have completed:
  • Project SMILEGOV: producing Island Sustainable Energy plans is made easier through smart multilevel island governance. S.IF. has been working on this alongside 13 other European partners.  Go to to find out what it was all about!
  • Island Energy audits , a CARES project in collaboration with Community Energy Scotland.  The 8 island energy audits are available for download at the island energy audits page.