Blue Social Growth: free online training for island entrepreneurs

Blue Social Growth: free online training for island entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs

You have an enterprising  idea? You live on an island or coastal area? You are part of the migrant and refugee community?  

You work with would be-entrepreneurs or you work with migrants and refugees? You help people set up an enterprise or social enterprise? 

The EU funded ERASMUS + Blue Social Growth programme can help you. It is available for free on line through the teachable platform in several languages, Farsi and Arabic as well as English and Spanish.

This is because it is brings together participants from 4 countries: Scotland, Greece, Italy and Spain.
Its modular set-up allows you to choose what you want to work on and allows to progress through 4 modules with exercises and bite- size learning.
There is also a downloadable pdf manual that can be used along side the modules for reference or used by enterprise trainers, particularly in a migrant or refugee set-up.
It takes an average of 6 months to complete at your own pace, and you get a certificate at the end!
Help from the course’ s authors is also available to mentor and accompany you through your learning journey.

The modules

  • Module 1 : Blue Social Growth opportunities
      • 1. The Blue Economy
      • 2. Blue Growth
      • 3. Blue Social Growth
      • 4. Explore Blue Social Growth potential where you are
      • Test your knowledge and understanding
  • Module 2 : Start your Blue Social Growth Entreprise
      • Learning Objectives and Introduction to the module
      • Part 1. Your business ideas
      • Part 2: The Business Plan
      • Part 3: Marketing
      • Part 4: Business finance
      • quiz: test your knowledge and understanding
  • Module 3: Social innovation and collaborative leadership
      • Part 1. Social Innovation and the Social Entrepreneur
      • Part 2. Together you can go further – mobilising for change
      • Part 3. The Social Enterprise of the future: relational and engaging
      • Quiz: test your understanding and knowledge
  • Module 4: Partnering with style
      •  Learning objectives
      •  Part 1: Networking
      •  Part 2: Online cooperation
      •  Part 3: Partnerships
      •  Part 4: Storytelling: engaging with partners and client
      •  Conclusion: the Business Model Canvas
      • Quiz: test your understanding

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How to get on the course:

Please fill this online form first,  to enable mentoring support if requested and  issue your end of course certificate, then click here to enrol.